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HiPack Cold-Form Aluminum Foils
Cold-form foils are the industry standard aluminum composite films that provide functionally total barrier protection and great aesthetics......
HiPack PVC/Aclar® High-Barrier Thermoformable Films
Aclar ® is a registered trade mark of Honeywell International Inc.
HiPack Tropical Blister Foils
HiPack Tropical Blister foils are composites inserted for final packaging into a flexible foil pouch on high output lines with excellent functionality......
HiPack Lidding Foils for PTP Blisters
Haishun has invested in highest quality imported Japanese printing-coating equipment.
HiPack AL/PE Suppository Laminates
Perfect barrier Al/PE suppository laminates have approximately 700 times the barrier properties of conventional PVC/PE films.
HiPack Child-Resistant Packaging
Research shows that 40% of children, under the age of five, when able to do so, will experiment with taking medicines if available to them......
HiPack Complex Laminated Flexible Films
Composite films require technically advanced manufacturing equipment and Haishun uses Japanese printing and laminating equipment plus camera inspection......
HiPack AL/PE Strip Pack
AL/PE strip packaging is a simple, traditional low cost and high-barrier packing for tablets and capsules.
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