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Haishun was awarded Carl Jung prize for technical innovation
Source: AddTime:2013-09-14
In July 14, 2011, Haishun was awarded one of the most influential prizes in the packaging industry i.e.The 2011 plastic industry Carl Jung prize for technical innovation.The prize as awarded at a prize giving event at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.
High-temperature sterilizable medical device plastic packaging film which is also a cell-culture preserving film was developed by Haishun and represents an important technical achievement for the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

High temperature sterilization of medical device packaging plastic films are newly developed packaging materials .They are based on environmentally friendly packaging materials and are coextruded, multilayer composite films They combined modified nylon films with other functional resins ensuring good bond strength easy peeling without compromising its mechanical properties while maintaining excellent dimensional stability. These films are able to withstand high temperature steam sterilization (135 ℃,10min ) while maintaining their physical characteristics and package integrity.

Foil packaging gfor cell culture vessel is a three layer co-extrusion packaging film as follows 
Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer ( EVA ),
Ultra low density polyethylene resin ( ULDPE ), metallocene
Linear low density polyethylene resin (MLLDPE ),
(Ethylene - acrylic resin ( EAA ) is the tie layer to improve and conduct high temperature melt extrusion bonding between each layer of raw materials.)

As one of the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, Haishun always takes technical innovation to heart and leads the way for in pharmaceutical packaging industry for HiPack PVC/Aclar® High barrier films, HiPack Cold Forming Foil and HiPack Tropical Blister Foil.
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