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Shanghai Haishun New Pharmaceutical Packaging Co,Ltd
Address:No.18, Caijiabang Road, Dongjing, Songjiang, Shanghai, China 201619
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Company introduction
Haishun is a world-class professional manufacturer of primary pharmaceutical packaging films specifically aluminium-based films and PVC/Aclar® laminates under the HiPack brand name(high quality, highly developed, high-barrier – Haishun). Headquartered in Shanghai, its flagship products include cold-forming foils, tropical blister foils, suppository films plus lidstock of all types, including CR (child resistant) with up to eight-color printing capabilities in house.

Haishun is justifiably proud of its brand new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Suzhou area, near Shanghai. The facility is over 700,000 sq ft under roof of which 72,000 sq ft is dedicated to certified cGMP manufacturing space for production of primary packaging in clean-room conditions.

Haishun is the clear market leader in the region, exports its product globally and is USFDA, DMF registered. In 2011, Haishun was awarded a converter-license by Honeywell to produce Aclar® high-barrier thermoformable laminates in China according to the Honeywell’s quality standards.

Haishun Packaging is recognized as a highly professional films manufacturer, whose quality and quality standards are equivalent to or better than any global packaging materials manufacturer.

Haishun is dedicated to ongoing research and development of high barrier packaging materials to meet customer needs and follows closely the world’s trend in international pharmaceutical packaging technology adapting a variety of advanced packaging methods and packaging concept to real-world solutions.

Haishun follows global best-practices in all its manufacturing and quality assurance / control processes to ensure reliable, consistent and predictable product quality and performance.

Moisture proofpackaging solutions
HiPack Cold-Form Aluminum Foils
HiPack PVC/Aclar® High-Barrier Thermoformable Films
HiPack Tropical Blister Foils
HiPack Lidding Foils for PTP Blisters
HiPack AL/PE Suppository Laminates
HiPack Child-Resistant Packaging
HiPack Complex Laminated Flexible Films
HiPack AL/PE Strip Pack
PVC/PVDC Transparent Films
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